In a nutshell, our job is to help you find more space in your home. This involves : 


    by giving away, selling, or simply finding the right place to put things away

    if you decide to give away or sell, we can take care of it too

Reorganizing the space

    Moving furniture around to find the best spot for everything and make                    your room(s) more comfortable and spacious Finding the right storage                    elements to replace any box, plastic container, messy old shelf or dining                  table you are currently using for this purpose…

Making room in your closets

   Finding a better way to sort your clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up etc, so that it stays             that wayAdding elements (shelves, hooks… ) to make everything easier to reach and remain             tidy Sorting the clothes you actually wear, the things you actually use…

   Giving away or selling what you don’t want anymore

Creating a home workstation

   (without turning your space into an office-looking room with cables everywhere)


Creating a nursery or a nursery corner  

   (when you think you couldn’t possibly find the space for it)

Reorganizing children’s rooms as they grow up or welcome a sibling

   Making it easier for children to reach and put away their toys

   Creating more play space

   Making room for a baby brother or sister’s bed and toys

   Creating a desk space


   Helping you stay organized.

Everything we do is according to your budget and your taste. When we leave, you will barely notice we were here, you’ll just feel much better. 

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