New York, New York
Paris, France 

 You've read the blogs, the books, the magazines, tried to memorize those "10 steps to a clutter-free / happier/whatever home"…

But that really didn't do much for you…


Yet neither does cramming more stuff in these closets.

You do have things to wear, it's just that they're… somewhere… under a pile of clothes you'll never wear again…

You do like to cook, but ordering food seems like the best option when your kitchen counter is now officially your desk.

You love your children but if you have to trip over one more Lego castle, you'll consider returning them for refund… (the children, not the Lego.)


So maybe it's time.

Time to declutter, time to get rid of these clothes you'll never wear, to find the right place for the mail so that it doesn't stack up over your shoes, move the bed to a better place, find a much better use for your lovely Aunt Daisy's buffet, which is a little too big for your place but you still want to keep forever, because well, it was Aunt Daisy's…


It's time, but the task seems so challenging that you'd rather not even think about it.


Well now you have us.


We'll come to your place and assess the challenge with you. Sometimes it just about a few tips. Sometimes an Ikea bookshelf and a few hooks can change your life. And sometimes you need a massive change and someone to help you do it.


Spend an hour with us next weekend and we'll figure out the best way to make you feel home at home again.


Who we are

We're not "organizers", we're not "remodelers", and we're not "interior designers" either.

We're two sisters who have lived in smaller spaces for years, - because that's what you get for loving the city life.

One with an antique collector… And one in a precious 600 sq ft apartment in the heart of Paris she had sworn never to leave, even with the arrival of a baby.

So after years of successfully finding room for more art and antiques for one, and allowing a one-bedroom to include a home office and a nursery for the other… We figured it was time to help others.

(PS: we're good with bigger apartments too.)


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